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Subject: Apis Bull Trading Activity Notices Message
Date: August 13th 2020 3:16:11 a.m.

I'm still waiting for Bitcoin to come down. These tops always take longer than expected. As you can see in the image below the weekly chart there is some indication we are at a cycle top. Stochastics are at or near a high. Money flow is moving out.


Late in the evening around 9 pm Pacific my order was filled for a Dercember 2020 Corn mini. In my video I plan on making tomorrow I will show how to place an order in the futues market.

With corn on a full contract for every time the price moves a penny per bushel you make or loose $50 depending which direction it moves. I spent $206.00 to acquire the contract I have. Even poor people can play this game. Below is the chart of my entry point and the link to my trade.

Here is my trade

With practice and time I'll get this newsletter thing right. I'm sure the images are over sized.

Also in my tomorrows video I'll explain the price moves of silver and other cryptocurrencies.

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