Easy Peasy.... So far making money in the corn market

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Subject: Easy Peasy.... So far making money in the corn market
Date: August 14th 2020 1:56:19 p.m.

At the time of this write my corn position if profiting $55.00 on it's first 24 hours. Ok so $55.00 doesn't sound like a lot but let's do some math.

26% gain in one day! People think the money to be made is in Bitcoin or other cryptos. Yes you can make huge amounts of money in the digital money arena but commodities is where the big boys make their money. I haven't sold yet because I think the price will go higher. Yes it is possible the price could come back and even further down but that's the game you play. 

Take a look at the chart. Does Aug 13th look like all that big of a move to you?

All you need is $206.00 to get in on the corn market. You don't have to be rich to play the big mans game. It doesn't matter where the price of corn is. You just need $206.00 and once you are in, for every penny move it will put $10.00 in your account or take it out of your account. There are many futures brokers out there. Right now I have mine with Charlers Schwab as it was once OptionsXpress but was bought out by Schwab.

I just put out a video minutes ago. Hope you learn something from it.

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