I Made 46% Profit In 4 Days

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Subject: I Made 46% Profit In 4 Days
Date: August 17th 2020 12:42:24 a.m.

I sold my corn position just a few hours ago and made 46% gain in only 4 days and I only spent $206.00 playing the game. Check out the charts.

If you are a trader by nature I highly recommend you learn futures trading.  Even low income people can play. Yes I know most of you are crypto fanatics but you should learn other trading games. 

I'm still waiting for Bitcoin to start coming down in the next few days or a week or two. As far as silver goes I think it will come down sooner than that.

I think corn will pull back and will jump back in about a week and I'll ride the wave again. Possibly even put in a short sell on the way down.

I'm looking at some silver mining stocks to buy and will let you know if I place any orders.


Here is a list of commodity brokers. Check out the minimum account balace for each as that may be of importance.

Cannon Trading - E-Futures - Ninja Trader - Archer Daniels (probably one of the best out there) Second Site - Charles Schwab

I'm not recommending, just letting you know they exist. With Charles Schwab there was no minimum balance required at the time I got my account.

I'll put out video soon explaining why I sold my corn.

Happy trading, see soon.

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