CORN! The real money maker

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Subject: CORN! The real money maker
Date: September 8th 2020 2:40:39 p.m.

In my last video I spoke about how corn measured against gold is the most undervalued commodity in the world. There is great potential for price moves and profit. For only $206 you can play the corn market. Silver will one day be the biggest winner but for now and the next year corn will take front seat.

To open a futures trading account the CFTC requires that your eanings and net assets are sufficient. Even though they never ask for proof or evidence of income you could say that you are worth $500,000.00 with an income of $250,000.00 but I'm not telling you to do so or recommending that you should say or state such things.

Here is a list of commodity brokers. Check out the minimum account balace for each as that may be of importance and different.

1) Cannon Trading 

2) E-Futures 

3) Ninja Trader

4) Archer Daniels (probably one of the best out there, and their second website 

5) Charles Schwab who I use now.

I'm not recommending, just letting you know they exist. With Charles Schwab there was no minimum balance required at the time I got my account.

What you should know about corn as of 8 September 2020. It looks like a cup with a handle is forming, a very bullish sign. 

Get your account ready for trading as this ride is soon to start.

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