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Date: September 18th 2020 7:24:43 p.m.


I'm thinking about buying SILVER VIPER MINERALS  (VIPRF). I haven't picked a price yet as I need to see it rise above the 18 day moving average line.

See the chart and see my order

My last silver pick, DEFIANCE SILVER (DNCVF) which I sold a day or two ago resulted in a profit of 59.724% and held it for 27 days. 

I am still waiting for Bitcoin to come down to $9,000 or $8,500 as you can see on the daily and monthly charts it is trading at a top.

I still think silver will come down as the charts suggest along with Bitcoin. To rationalize this to fundamental traders who are not technical traders I think the reason will be that Trump will get re-elected and will make policies or actions that will comfort those who are holding dollars but that will be a temporary thing and up again we will go in prices.

See the silver daily and monthly charts.

Trading is about patients and control not about how active you are.




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