Rules For Trading The 18 Day Moving Average

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Subject: Rules For Trading The 18 Day Moving Average
Date: January 26th 2021 9:54:36 p.m.

Here is an example of playing the 18 day moving average line when entering the market. It doesn't matter if it's a stock, commodity or crypto.

I'll start off with a stock first then move into the crypto relm.

Here is Tootsie Roll (TR) 

Tootsie Roll

As you can see the price is rapidly moving upward and has surpassed the 18 DMA line two days now. 18 DMA line is green at $30.87. Once we are completely above that line two days in a row like we are now I will place my order to buy one penny above the higher of the two days. So my entery will be $38.79 STOP. Notice the stochastics are halfway up the scale with a wide gap between the red and black line.  The wider the gap the more likely it will continue to go in that direction.

Now lets take a look at the weekly chart 

, again the stochastics are halfway up the scale with room to grow. If the price never reaches my price of $38.79 then I never lost money, which is the importance of a STOP order.

I suspect that once it reaches my price it could or should keep going for a few more days. From where I'm sitting this is not a long term or medium term trade. So depending on your trading personality this may be good for you if you like watch the screen all day.


Now lets move over to Dash.

 Dash crypto

Notice the 18 DMA line in light blue. Our first day below the 18 DMA line is green. Once it drops one full cent below that low of the day $94.003 it will be good to go for shorting. I expect this will last for a week or so when it does drop.

The money flow line is still high which gives me confidence for a price break down. So always have at least two indicators working for you before you make your decision.


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