Defiance Silver and the Wall Street Bets

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Subject: Defiance Silver and the Wall Street Bets
Date: January 28th 2021 12:46:15 a.m.

Last August I bought Defiance Silver (DNCVF) and made a profit. You can check that out on my trading page.

Wall Street Bets has over 4.7 million followers on Reddit. They have been buying GameStop and AMC pushing prices 500%+ in a week trying to destroy wall street hedge funds. Hedge funds shorted GameStop by more than 125%+ of the available stock. Today they are talking about taking over the silver market by buying SLV, PSLV. The silver market is the most shorted market of all time by the big banks JPMorgan and other banks. If the Wall Street Bets ever go full on for silver it will kill JPMorgan assuming they can push it over $100 an ounce.

In todays chart for DNCVFDefiance Silver

 I took a look at DNCVF and noticed the stochastics was at a very bottom edging upward and touching the 18 DMA line. On the weekly chart it looks like it has a ways to go on the down side as the stochastics red and black lines are wide a part. I'm looking forward in seeing the Wall Street Bets pushing silver in the coming weeks destroying the fake fiat dollar that the banksters love so much. So I'll be watching DNCVF and other silver miners as well as SLV and PSLV. I'd give a few weeks for the WSB people to finsh off their GameStop trade and move on to other stocks. By the way. Do you own silver?


Bitcoin is around the corner.


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