Majestic Silver, SLV, Polkadot and Ethereum Too

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Subject: Majestic Silver, SLV, Polkadot and Ethereum Too
Date: February 4th 2021 4:51:13 a.m.


Over the GameStop silver frenzy week I bought, sold and placed orders.

I sold my Majestic Silver (AG) for a 29.924% profit with multiple buy dates starting on Aug 19th with an avg price of $10.8944

I bought SLV 35 call option sold it the same day for 16.129% profit. I'm still holding on to an SLV call option for June 2022.

I have an order to buy Polkadot (DOT) at $12.50. Today's big price spike is lacking volume. No volume. Where is it? Stochastis are almost at a top, money flow is ho hum not looking good. A pullback is nearing. I'm thinking 12.50.

Daily Chart

Weekly Chart

I think Ethereum is forming a cup with a handle and both sides of the cup are now formed. I'm waiting for the handle and a price of $1,111.11 or less.

Ether Chart

I don't always say what is popular but GameStop could have one last run to over $200 and then that should be the end of it. 

I think the Wall Street Bets should coordinate their efforts a little better for future runs and attack a stock, commoduty or crypto one at a time then with all that money just drain the physical silver market. It can be done but they need to build up a lot of winnings along the way.

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