GameStop: Gonna Hit $200, Again

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Subject: GameStop: Gonna Hit $200, Again
Date: February 26th 2021 8:02:49 p.m.

If you have an interest in GameStop it may be a good time to get in. In about a week or two. Yes it went up in the last two days but I think it will take a breather before moving forward. If you have seen my latest youtube video I explain Gap Trading Rules. In the rule of thumb of gap trading all gaps must be closed. Today the gap was closed that occured two days ago but the gap of 18 days ago still needs to be closed.

In a couple of weeks it is likely the cryptos will be going in a downtrend and you are saying yes I know we can see that. But they are going to go down even further - perhaps. I'll post a video in a day or two on why that is. 

See my lastest video on GameStop and check out the image(s) below

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3 In image 3 check out the stochastics sitting as far down on the bottom as you can get along with the StochRSI. These two things and including the gap rules tells me there is going to be some upside to this stock. I explain it well in my video

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