American Civil War part II

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Subject: American Civil War part II
Date: June 24th 2022 10:15:04 p.m.

It Has Begun



The American Civil War Part II is now in place. This civil war will be much worse than the first American Civil War of 1860. People will die, cities will burn, people will be raped.


The over turning of Roe vs Wade has upset the crazy leftist so much that if they can’t have the right to kill the unborn then they will go out to kill the general public. They will rape, kill, burn, and destroy everything in their path. The raper will rape and then roll over and die and the fowls of the air will pluck out their eyes and eat them.


Tens of millions will die. They will be shot, stabbed, bludgeoned, raped, starved, dehydrated, infected with disease. They will die from collapsing buildings, fire, falling rocks, floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes.


While we are a nation at war with its self, other nations will see an opportunity to invade the US. China will attack from the Pacific and Russia will invade from the Atlantic. At the height of the civil war with cities burning to the ground just like Atlanta did in 1864 great and powerful earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis will destroy this country and wipe out the invading armies sinking their ships into the abyss of the oceans.


These natural and very destructive weather activities will be so great that it will put an end to the burning cities and stop the civil war. These weather activities will destroy the the Statue of Liberty, change the landscape of our country. Mountains will fall and the flat plains will rise. Our country will be divided by three bodies of water. There will be food shortages. People will starve. When the dust settles the people of the rurals will go to the cities to rebuild.



This country will fall, devastation will be wide, the financial system will collapse. Everything changes.


There will be two US Supreme Court Justices that will resign their positions out of great embarrassment for the leaking of a draft decision.


God Bless. Stay safe. 


A dark time is coming.

It will be like the Rodney King riots times 1,000

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