I'm Going To Short Twitter

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Subject: I'm Going To Short Twitter
Date: January 15th 2021 3:42:47 p.m.


I belive Twitter will be worth next to nothing in about two years.

For fundamental reasons is they are banning huge accounts that generate ad revenue. They are now losing billions and it's only been a week.

If we take a look at the daily chart it is likely to rise in share price for a couple of weeks but after that the weekly chart says it's down hill from there.

Daily Chart Click for original chart

As you can see at the top the stochastics RSI and the Stochastis at the bottom of the chart are both below the 20% line. As long as it stays there the price will keep going down just like in June and Sept. As soon as it comes out of that 20% barrier the price will rise. However I think that will be short lived  for maybe a month or so. My guess is that when Twitter comes out with their earnings report investors will see a change in how Twitter does business and also investors already know other platforms are taking off, such as Gab. The real competition soon to come out will be Trump when he makes his own platform so that he will never be banned again.

Weekly Chart Click for original chart

In the weekly chart we can already see the damage done since Jan 8th of the banning of the president. Notice at the bottom of the chart the red and black lines for the slo stochastics both lines are below 80%. The red line is 78.90. Twitter in the next 18 months is going to be disastrous.

Soon I will be placing put options orders shorting Twitter. You can short the stock or buy put options. options are more volatile but can be more profitable. More than likely I will be buying 2022 put options. You can straight short the stock for those who don't like options but you'll need at least $2,500 in assets in your brokerage account to do so.

I was able to create an account on Gab but not able to access it for days because of the heavy traffic. Their growth rate has been phenomenal. I can't even give you my link. But if you can get on look up ApisBull.

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