The banks will fail and silver will win

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Subject: The banks will fail and silver will win
Date: March 12th 2023 1:17:28 p.m.

The big players are suppressing the price of silver. They have the money to continue to throw at it by shorting the market. With bank runs and bank failures there will be no deposit insurance to cover the big players. There will no longer be money printing to cover the big players that come from their secret friends at the Federal Reserve like they have always been getting because they want to destroy the current money system. When they have no more money to throw around to keep the silver price down silver will sky rocket. There is zero resistance for silver above $35. There will be a day when silver goes up $60 in a single day and that day is not too far off.

And banks like JP Morgan who are the ones suppressing the price of silver will not get bailed out for their market manipulation, you also will lose your deposits, even if it's less than the $250,000 that is supposed to be insured and covered.

I myself have multiple accounts at credit unions, most of them are local to me but a couple are far away but anyone can open account there.

1) Alliant Credit Union and you can see their rating here.

2) America's Christian Credit Union and you can see their rating here.

I keep as little in the bank as possible, just enough to pay the light bill and monthly credit cards and such, the rest I either keep in cash on hand or buy silver almost on a weekly basis. I also put my money in real estate, that too is a weekly basis.

FundRise check them out. I'll put a few links for them here so you can compare. It's as little as $10 a week.

I'm either cash or hard assets. I'm staying out of the banking system.


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