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I'm Going To Short Twitter

January 15th 2021 3:42:47 p.m.

I belive Twitter will be worth next to nothing in about two years. For fundamental reasons is they are banning huge accounts that generate ad revenue. They are now losing billions and it's only been a week. If we take a look at the daily chart it is likely to rise in share price for a couple of weeks but after that the weekly chart says it's down hill from there. Daily Chart Click for original chart As you can see at the top the stochastics RSI and the Stochastis at the bottom of the chart are both bel ...Continue Reading

I Just Sold Off My Bitcoins

December 28th 2020 11:09:04 p.m.

I just sold off my last remaing Bitcoin. I believe it was Saturday night I sold off my last remaining Bitcoin at just a few bucks below $27,000.00. Some people think that this is a bad decision but that's ok but I see the market topping out. The Money flow is extremely high along with stochastics. See the Chart below. The money flow is in red and the stochastics is red and blue. All are high. Daily Chart.                        Weekly Chart Now for the g ...Continue Reading

Big Money In Corn

October 25th 2020 5:51:35 a.m.

NIA's #1 favorite commodity corn saw its front month December 2020 contract gain by $0.1725 or 4.29% last week to settle at $4.1925 per bushel its highest weekly settlement price in 15 months. In fact, corn gained last week on all 5 trading days! Out of the Top 25 most actively traded commodities on U.S. and London futures exchanges, based on each commodity's front month contract, corn has been the #1 best per ...Continue Reading

The Silver Crash Is Here!

September 23rd 2020 6:51:21 p.m.

This email is for documentation of a transaction Today I bought Silver Viper Minerals (VIPRF) for $0.4196. It is incredibly low on the stochastics. Who out there is enjoying my silver crash prediction?  Get your cash ready. Daily chart. Weekly chart. Next week it will be up but after that it will continue to drop. Bitcoin is coming down like I said but not low enough. I'd give it another week or two before it really starts to move toward the $8,5000 area. Hopefully in a few days I'll be shorting corn ...Continue Reading

Ely Gold Royalties Bottoming Out

September 22nd 2020 2:55:19 p.m.

Just bought Ely Gold Royalties (ELYGF) at $0.8975 today. Didn't even plan on it. I was going through a list of gold and silver stocks and Ely Gold on the charts was pretty low on the stochastics and money flow for daily and weekly. See the daily chart See the weekly chart In my next video I'll explain in detail why I bought and sold my latest transactions over the past two weeks. As predicted silver and Bitcoin are falling. Although I see a few up days for silver but the down trend will continue for a couple of mon ...Continue Reading


September 18th 2020 7:24:43 p.m.

I'm thinking about buying SILVER VIPER MINERALS  (VIPRF). I haven't picked a price yet as I need to see it rise above the 18 day moving average line. See the chart and see my order My last silver pick, DEFIANCE SILVER (DNCVF) which I sold a day or two ago resulted in a profit of 59.724% and held it for 27 days.  I am still waiting for Bitcoin to come down to $9,000 or $8,500 as you can see on the daily and monthly charts it is trading at a top. I still think silver will come down as the ...Continue Reading


September 16th 2020 11:22:43 a.m.

I just put in an order to sell my DEFIANCE SILVER (DNCVF ) at $0.47 a share as I bought it at $0.29 a share August 19th. If I do sell it at $0.47 I will be up 62% profit in one month. I will post this info on my website later today when I wake up as I'm still sleeping. As far as Bitcoin. I'm still waiting for it drop below $9,000.00 before I buy it. As always, follow me on Twitter and Youtube, the links are at the bottom of this email. ...Continue Reading

Corn Stocks

September 11th 2020 7:24:06 a.m.

For those who would like to trade corn futures but are too nervous about trading futures may want to buy corn stocks. Yes. Did you know corn is traded on the NYSE as an ETF? Check out the chart. It even has options. As attractive as it may be to trade commodities on the New York Stock Exchange I however would rather trade the futures contract as the futures are heavily leveraged. In stocks, if the price goes up $1 you make $1. But in the futures market for corn if it moves a penny you make 50 bucks. Te ...Continue Reading

CORN! The real money maker

September 8th 2020 2:40:39 p.m.

In my last video I spoke about how corn measured against gold is the most undervalued commodity in the world. There is great potential for price moves and profit. For only $206 you can play the corn market. Silver will one day be the biggest winner but for now and the next year corn will take front seat. To open a futures trading account the CFTC requires that your eanings and net assets are sufficient. Even though they never ask for proof or evidence of income you could say that you are worth $500,000.00 wi ...Continue Reading

I Made 46% Profit In 4 Days

August 17th 2020 12:42:24 a.m.

I sold my corn position just a few hours ago and made 46% gain in only 4 days and I only spent $206.00 playing the game. Check out the charts. If you are a trader by nature I highly recommend you learn futures trading.  Even low income people can play. Yes I know most of you are crypto fanatics but you should learn other trading games.  I'm still waiting for Bitcoin to start coming down in the next few days or a week or two. As far as silver goes I think it will come down sooner than that. I think cor ...Continue Reading
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