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Easy Peasy.... So far making money in the corn market

August 14th 2020 1:56:19 p.m.

At the time of this write my corn position if profiting $55.00 on it's first 24 hours. Ok so $55.00 doesn't sound like a lot but let's do some math. 26% gain in one day! People think the money to be made is in Bitcoin or other cryptos. Yes you can make huge amounts of money in the digital money arena but commodities is where the big boys make their money. I haven't sold yet because I think the price will go higher. Yes it is possible the price could come back and even further down but that's the game you ...Continue Reading

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August 13th 2020 3:16:11 a.m.

I'm still waiting for Bitcoin to come down. These tops always take longer than expected. As you can see in the image below the weekly chart there is some indication we are at a cycle top. Stochastics are at or near a high. Money flow is moving out. Late in the evening around 9 pm Pacific my order was filled for a Dercember 2020 Corn mini. In my video I plan on making tomorrow I will show how to place an order in the futues market. With corn on a full contract for every time the price moves a penny per bushel you make ...Continue Reading

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August 10th 2020 2:04:27 p.m.

As I was scanning through some stocks I noticed ELYGF was nearing a bottom on the weekly chart and starting to move up in the daily chart. Being that this is a gold mining and gold will do very well in the next couple of years I decide to buy at $1.215. I am still looking for silver mining companies to pull back before I get in.  See the charts  ...Continue Reading

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July 31st 2020 3:56:29 a.m.

Although I haven't made any transactions this week I just wanted you to be aware that all your major cryptos will be coming down in a few days, significantly. I usually put out a video about once every 7-20 days because that's about how long it takes for the market to do what I say ity should be doing. ...Continue Reading

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July 23rd 2020 2:02:34 p.m.

Got a new transaction this morning for SLV put options. I normally don't trade options but wanted to short SLV as it was shooting to the moon and all things eventually come back somewhat. I think SLV will come back to at least $18.00, hopefully before the option expires, which is why I don't usually trade options. I had my order in at 30 cents thinking the price for SLV would have to drop about a dollar before getting triggered and ended up getting in at 32. See the status of the  trade. ...Continue Reading

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July 23rd 2020 3:52:16 a.m.

Thank you for joining my newsletter. This is my first letter. I have added some trades to my list of activities. Hope you will find them interesting. Please go to My Trades to see my crypto, stock, options and futures trading activity. I will be working on a format and design for the newsletter. It will get better as I go. ...Continue Reading
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